From the recording SYNTHETIC III - EP [2015]

First track written for Synthetic III. This song was written at a time when we were featured on the bill to play the Times Scare Official Comic Con After Party, in Times Square, NYC. At that time our very good friend/vocalist DM, joined us as our Nemesis comic book Character, "Summer". DM sang all the Blue Movie tracks in character for our "Blue Movie Presents, The Summer Show" and we felt it only appropriate that she tracked this song as a guest vocalist for the upcoming album. Electric Water was an experimental track that was successful in our movement toward an even further digital sound, and set the scene for what was to be the vibe for Synthetic III. The enhancement of the electronic layers of sound resulted in our drummer Lisa incorporating a Roland SPD-SX into her set, as to enable us to play the song live as an exact replica of the recorded piece.